I took my first depo shot about a month ago, I have depression anyway and my medical team are looking in to see if I'm actually Bi-polar which is a joy to think about! Regardless, Over the past month I've had the constant bleeding which started about a week and a half after I took the shot, my depression has got severely worse and I even lost what looked like scar tissue. I was told this was normal but was the final straw for me and I'm I literally shouted at the poor doctor that I wasn't getting the second shot. My hospital team agreed that I should get off it right away and stay away from contraceptives that aren't condoms for a long time. 

Luckily my partner is really understanding, He already has to deal with the fact I have Cystic Fibrosis and depression so this thrown on hasn't been the greatest but he's very loving still and there when I need him. I must say the mood swings make it great for the arguments because I finally yell back on the same level as his own temper tantrums haha! I hope that I can get back on track when the shot runs out (22nd April this year) and not have to deal with all these side effects for long after.