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Just over a month ago, I came home from work to find that my husband had moved out and left me no note, nothing.

After a frantic three weeks, I learnt that he was in a psy hospital having thrown himself off a bridge into the traffic. This is after living in the streets for several days as he said he wanted to know what it was like to live with no possessions. he gave everything away and cleared his bank account.he has smashed his leg and it was while he is in hospital that he was diagnosed as bi-polar.

he was sectioned at first so I was only able to visit him 2 days ago. He himself has not yet been told he is bipolar, they are currently treating him for his suicide attempt and he is heavily sedated. he is talking nonsense, imagines he is someone other than himself, told me he going to marry a French princess and blames  me for making it hard for him to have a   relationship with her. ( the princess is a public figure he is a big fan of, but of course has never met!) He says our marriage is over and he wants a divorce. He wants to be with her.  I am and would be prepared to stay by his side and help him with treatment, I love him very deeply but he just wanted to push me away. he is brazilian and his family have arrived to take him back to brazil and have written me off, saying it is  all my fault. I am so helpless. It is like having a death almost, I feel I am grieving.I have had time to think through the last 8 years and there have been many episodes of moods swings, depression and mania but I always put it down to him being brazilian and rather spoilt by his family. ( only women in the family, his father left him as a baby) . I am powerless, I am being excluded from any of the medical consultations and he is leaving.

I am devastated that even in such a low time on his life, he still remembers that he walked out the door so in his mind he has left me. But I feel he left during a manic attack. Our christmas was the happiest ever but he started to behave erratically and says weird things like he wanted to seek adventures, just after Christmas.. his mood swings were unreal for the 10 days before he left. I guess I am living in hope that he might realise once he starts treatment that his departure was all part of this manic attack. Or will I always be seen as the catalyst?

I feel so helpless and truly devastated. 


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I think you need to talk to a professional rather than people you don't know on a computer.