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ok last month my boyfriend and i had sex and the condom broke. i took the morning after pill as soon as it happened... Im also on birthcontroll. i was wondering if i could be pregnant. i got my period two days after i took the pill but this month i spotted could i be pregnant..... HELP


You've done everything right so far, belt and bracess and all:

contraceptive pill (I'm getting more and more ticked off by the illusion of 'birth control') + condom, either of which on their own is considered legitimate and effective contraception

morning after pill, even though if you were properly on bc, you were already protected (you might want to double check their FAQ on using that combination, by the way, though I'm sure they factored that in in clinical trials)

and you had your period, which is your body saying 'damn, no show on the sperm front'

... so it frankly beggars belief that you could be pregnant after all that.

Unbelievable isn't impossible - as a mathematician I have a hard time saying anything is impossible - but I'd be more worried about a meteor strike than about your pregnancy... still, there's always that one in a million shot, and if you're going to have sex and intercourse, at least a few brain cells should be set aside for contingency planning: what if?

Then the fear behind the uncertainty is a little less intense, and the risk of pregnancy a little less disturbing, given in any case that it is for many other women at another time in their life their most fervent hope, and greatest source of joy.

Still, for now, you're one in a million - as I'm sure your boyfriend tells you.


ok thanks....................... If anyone esle out there can help please do