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I took the abortion pill on sunday 02/04/2017 and i bleeded for the nyt and the next day i had some slight bleeding during the day and henceforth i haven't bleeded again to date so i decided to do a pregnancy test today 05/04/2017 and it turned it normal or does it mean the pill didnt work?please help.What should i do since it was an unplanned pregnancy.Should i wait for a week and have another test even though im not bleeding or should i go back and use the pills again?Help me please


Yes, sometimes the pill can fail. Honestly, don't abort right away. Sometimes, after a procedure, a woman will come to regret it and it can lead to problems in her life. Instead, go see your local crisis pregnancy center for advice on what to do with the child. They have councilors there you can talk to about your options and they can help you find one that works for you. Plus, they also provide free resources for mothers in need, like diapers and bibs and, if you see a pregnancy help medical center, they'll provide you with an ultrasound and other prenatal services. You can easily find one near you by using google and you can find websites that can give you advice on what to do with the child as well. If you are in a country where unplanned pregnancies are illegal, definitely leave ASAP. That's all I can really say!