a few weeks back my girlfriend and I are getting freaky. She gave me a BJ and i got some cum on my fingers. i just wiped it off this chair which was covered in some sort of fabric. After, me and her walked to wal-mart to get something (walk time there was like 5 minutes). inside the store we took like 10 minutes to get whatever it was and i was touching varies items. i also grabbed something to drink which had condensation around it so idk if it rejuvenated the sperm. and then we walked to her friends house to drop something off (this took like 20-25 minute) and then we walked back to another friends home (25-30 minutes) i was pressing the street walk button with the same finger i got cum on. i held her leather bag with my left hand and we waited outside her friends house for 10 minutes. i sat on their couch and my hand was rubbing against there couch. it took us 20-25 minutes to get freaky again (yes in her friends house while she was outside). I took off my button up which i believe could have gotten rid of more sperm but idk. i inserted my finger halfway into her vagina (the one that got cum on it) I'm wondering if i can get her pregnant even if the sperm is dried out (well hopefully it was dried by then) IM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. her period was due this week. could it be delayed because she traveled to asia last week? could jet lag cause this delay?