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I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time about three weeks ago. He used a condom but said it was "a little tight" on him. After sex he took of the condom and I asked him if it had broken and he said no. I believe him, I just dont know if he was sure... I've had irregular periods ever since 7th grade (i'm now a Sophomore in high school) so i'm confused on whether to think that its just my irregular period that hasn't come yet or if I'm pregnant.

So if the condom is too tight, will it break?

I can't buy a home pregnancy test beceause my mom will FREAK if she ever saw me come home with one.

Becoming pregnant in high school is one of my worst fears and I know I should have thought it over before me and my boyfriend had sex; I'm just DESPERATE for some answers!!


There are condoms that are looser for larger men..

BUT, you should maybe consider birth control..PLANNED PARENTHOOD requires NO PARENTAL CONSENT, and they give free pregnancy tests and SUPER low cost and free birth control services..

IF it did not break, then you should have nothing to worry about.