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My boyfriend and I did it without a condom and I missed my period. I wasn't that scared since I'm always irregular, but now I'm three weeks late. I've taken two home pregnancy tests, the First Response ones, on the first week after I missed my period and they both came out negative. Now, I still don't have my period. I'm scared coz those home DIY pregnancy tests aren't always very accurate.

I've already talked to my boyfriend and he understands my decision about not even thinking twice about getting rid of the pregnancy. I just can't. I might sound like a selfish b***h and I know I brought this upon myself, but I just can't. My family expects too much from me. I've been on honor roll ever since the first grade, I've never been in big trouble, etc. This is something my family won't be able to handle.

Are there any safe abortion methods I can do now while its not too late yet?

I am going to go to a proffessional soon though. There's this facility not so far away from my home who helps teenagers with this kind of problems and lays out options for them, I'm going with my boyfriend this week.



First, find out if you really are pregnant.  Take another test.  At this point if you are pregnant it should show positive.

There is nothing you can do yourself if that is what you are asking.  If you are pregnant there are "medical" options available.  A lot depends upon your age and the laws where you live.  In some places you may need parental consent or notification.

See the professional.

Good luck.


I would first make sure that you are pregnant. Blood tests and an ultrasound. Then I would consider my options. Don't act rashly and quickly. I personally would go to a local Pregnancy Resource Center. They are very friendly and helpful, and they're free. Best of luck to you!