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Hi! I am on birth control. I put the patch on Sept. 1st. I had sex with a condom on the 5th of September and the condom broke. Ever since then, I am a stomach ache, I feel more tired, and sometimes i get dizzy. I am not sure if i am pregnant or not cuz i dont have all the early symptoms of Early Pregnancy. What do you think?


It takes longer than a few days for pregnancy to even happen!

SYMPTOMS of pregnancy to dot even occur until you are 5 weeks pregnant, and that is AFTER your next missed period.

It takes 6-10 days for a fertilized egg to implant, that is IF an egg was fertilized!

IT WOULD BE WAYYY too soon for any symptoms.

Have you considered birth control in the future? You need no parental consent to get birth control, and you can easily bypass consent for abortion services as well.