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Ok will try to give the best details possible to try and be better understood. I am in my early 20s.

I am freaking out and embarrased to say this aswell, I believe my gf has a wart on her leg under her knee to the right (inner) side of her leg, weve been together for well over a year now, she had mentioned this wart to me a coulpe months ago telling me that it got bigger, shes never thought it was a wart, shes had this bumb since probably over a year ago but it was smaller, and I had never developed a wart all this time I had been with her. Shes never thought it was a wart so shes never had it checked out, in her opinion she still doesnt believe its a wart, but to me it sure looks like one.

Well a few days ago I saw her scratching and scratching the bump i think is a wart. We then went to have some drinks and came back home within the hour. She then performed oral sex on me and decided to stick her finger in my anus, it somewhat felt like she kinda scratched me cuz she had long nails, she finished performing oral sex on me and that was that.

The next day showering early in the morning I felt a somewhat hard bumb in my anal whole probably less than half an inch in to the upper left side of my anus, best way I could describe it at that moment would be like a BB from an airshot gun.Now im freaking out.

Well its been 12 days since Ive had this bump, doesnt seem like its changed in size except for yesterday and the day before seemed like it got smaller, but today it feels the same again. I had never looked at it till today. I used a mirror, its to the left side of my anus about half an inch, to me it looks more like a blister with a light maybe greyish look. It feels more like a tight blister. Forgot to mention this bump is painless.

I dont know what to think just hoping its not a wart but thinking my gf might have transferred it from her knee to my anus. But can I get a wart over night, is this possible.

I am confused about what they say about warts, on some sites the say a wart is very contagious and can be transferred to any part of the body, then on other sites they say a regular body wart cant be transferred to the genital area becuase they are different strains, I really dont understand all this.

Could it be something else, what else could it be, to me it looks like a blister but dont know how I could get one there, is there any over the counter medications I could try, please help.

I am very sorry to make such a long post, it has been very embarrasing for me to even post this but I would like to hear from others as I am going crazy here. I am affraid to go to the doctor and find out its a wart, and more embarrasing telling him where I have the bump.

Again, please help.
Thank you in advance.


Hi, personally I don’t think you have a genital wart. I don’t think that genital warts would show up on your girl’s knee. Even if they would, there is no way she would have a genital wart on her knee for a year and not having it transferred anywhere else but on your butt after a year. Sounds highly unlikely…plus, you wouldn’t develop a wart overnight. I know that we are able to imagine all sorts of things when we are suspecting something but your bumps could be a hemorrhoid or a mulluscum (which is also an STD). Herpes has blisters as well but they hurt most of the time.

There is no other way to realize what this is until you are checked by a doctor. Embarrassing or not, both you and your girlfriend need to have your bumps evaluated, there is no other way to realize what it could be.


hi, if you think that she might have scrached you in there? I would go to the doctors if not better.