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Ok, now this is quite a tricky one.....the first day of my last period was roughly the 14/15 0ct it ended on the 17/18 Oct, my partner and i never use contraception but after an argument i found myself in the arms of my ex! i stupidly slept with the x on the 01 and 02 of Nov.
I took the morning afterpill within the 72 hours covering both days and was advised it would be around 70ish percent affective as i didnt take it straight away!
My partner and i are back together and have continued to have unprotected sex, I am now pregnant and worried as to who the father may be! after calculating my cycle and due date, its states i concieved between oct 27th to Nov 04th maybe Nov 02nd.

is there a high chance i could of concieved between the 01st and the 04th of Nov after taking the morning after pill on the 03rd of Nov which was clearly within the 72 hours????? please help thanks x


It is difficult to tell as you have had multiple partners and you are pregnant at this point. The only sure way to find out is if you get a paternity test which of course is not something you might want. Can you tell me if you can talk to him about it? I think that's the best thing you acan do