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Hi, plz help me guyz!Im in a big tension.My LMP was on oct 16 2018 and had sex with man#1 on 26th unprotected and man#2 on 29th with condom.And my cycle is irregular.Doctor tld me im concieved on 30th oct and my due date is on july 23 2019 need to know who wuld b the father of my child plzzz help me if someone culd answer


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 Hey there so unfortunately there is no 100% way to tell which guy is the father unless you do a paternity test on the child after it’s born. Based on the information you provided I would say it is more likely that man #2 is the father. Usually the most fertile times  are going to be day 12 through 20 of your cycle. if you count 16 October as day one that would mean you had sex with man #1 on day 10 of your cycle and sex with man #2 on day 13.  Usually ovulation happens on day 14.   

Now there are a lot of factors that can affect of this. Male sperm cell now there are a lot of factors that can affect of this.  Sperm cells can live in the reproductive tract for up to five days  and ovulation doesn’t always happen on day 14 especially if your periods are irregular. This means that both guys can have viable sperm inside you during ovulation and therefore both guys could technically be the father. Now you mentioned both guys wore condoms correct? If that is the case how did  you get pregnant from either one of them? Did either condom slip or break? Did either guy ejaculate near the outside of your vagina?