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I had a one night stand with a guy on 1Nov 2015 ...... and from the 12 Nov 2015 i been having sex with my boyfriend  almost everyday and i found out i was pregnant in January and i was 12 weeks ....  im so confused cause the first ultrasounds due date was 14 August 2016  and my second ultrasound shows my due date is 7 - 17 August 2016 and now im my third trimester my due date is 1 Aug 2016 so how do i figure out who is the father since the ultrasound date keeps changing... can someone please help me i cant even sleep at night .... what should i do ?????????


Hi Mommy,

A due date of 1 August corresponds to your LMP staring on 26 October.  Do you know when it started?  DO NOT rely on the ultrasound date - it is an approximation.  No two fetuses develop at exactly the same rate/time. 

You had sex with "a guy" on 1 November, day 6 of your cycle.

You'll normally ovulate between days 11-16 of your cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days - max.  The egg is only viable for about 48 hour after ovulation.

12 November would have been day 17 of your cycle.

Either male can be the father.  You will need a DNA test to determine paternity.  It can be done now.  Look up "non invasive DNA test."  They use your blood and a sample from your partners to determine paternity.



I am sad to say I find myself in the same boat and I'm so scared to lose my family because of this. LMP started Oct 13 lasted 3 or 4 days.

Been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend since Oct 18 through the 30.

Had a one night stand Oct 20 but took the emergency contraception pill a few hours afterwards.

Normally I'm a 30 day cycle and I thought because I took the EC that's why I had spotting Oct 31, Nov 1, 2 and 3 was an early period. Now after 3 ultrasounds my due date is July 22nd and I'm freaking out who the father might be. I can't afford an noninvasive paternity test and am so stressed it's so hard to sleep or think or do much of anything.