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I had unproctected sex 2 days in a row with someone else. That was around Oct 13-15) when my husband and I were seperated. 48 hours or 21/2 days after I took Plan B. I then got an early period because my periods are usually irregular or around the 20th-30th of each month. My husband and then worked things out and got back together on the dates of Oct 26-30th. We had unproctected sex 3 days in a row. I believe dates 27,28,29 can't remember but around there. I then took a pregnany test Nov 12th. It was faint and postivie. So would the child of the father be my husband because I got my period with the Plan B w/ the other person? Please help I can't live with myself and I'm a faithful wonderful person. Just made a mistake! I can't keep it all in and need advice. I'm due july 22nd, 2014. So it said my conception could of been around the 26-29th I believe!? Thanks! 


Also I'd like to add I believe my period started oct 22-27. So I believe the Plan B worked. Is this possibe?