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i had sex with my boyfriend the first time i had ever had sex on a friday.then that sunday i had sex with him again. i had been on birth control for 2 weeks at the time. we quit before he had sperm. but we were worried he might have pre-sperm. its been a little over 2 weeks and i feel sick. it might be that i am stressing myself out over it. but i have had no appetite for the past 3 or 4 days and im on birth control..and i just started taking the "green" pills without hormones sunday..and during this time your suppost to start your period and i haven't started.should i be worried and do you think i am pregnant?


trust me ive gone through like the exact same thing
it says ur safe after 1 week of the pill and u precum can get u pregnant but i know lost of girls who have used the pull out method when theyre not on the pill
ive had feelings of pregnancy but they were always just cuz i was stressin out about it ... if u dont think about it ull realize that ur actually finee
so i would say u have a really slim chance of actually gettin pregnant. also its still debated whether precum even hasss sperm in it. and if it does, its a very little bit which u should be protected from by the pill
so just relaxx and u should be totally fine! the pill is 99.9% effective if u take it properly!
also it takes 2-3 days for ur period to come after u get off the pill ... for me its taken even up to 4 days
so dont worry! :-)



yea me and him have both been worrying ourselves to death over it. and he says that he only precums half the time and so that he might not have but he's not sure if he did or not.

but you made me feel better!lol thanks :-D