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hey wast up if you had sex and didnt use acondom for like 5 times but he didnt cum inside u can you still get pregnant from precum? and can that much precum get u pregnant i am so confuse i dont know wat to do helllllp!!!! :( :!:


precum is a lubricating fluid released before male orgasm, made in the cowpers glands, it serves the purpose of neutralizing the acids in the urethra left over from passing urine (because urine and semen use the same tube- urethra - to pass out of the body), helps sperm movement and lubricates the penis.

it becomes a risk when a man has previously ejaculated, and semen from this previous ejaculation is left over inside his urethra, and then when he precums the fluid picks up and contains this residual sperm.

the amount of sperm in precum therefore is a lot lower than the amount of sperm in an ejaculation, but it only takes one sperm to fertalize an egg!

unfortunately, lots of women get pregnant this way, because the pull out method is not a form of birth control and it can be very unreliable. you might think you timed it perfectly, but pull out a fraction of a second later than you intended and its all useless.
to give you a clearer picture:
using a medicinal method of birth control (pill, male or female condoms, iud, implant, depo shot etc) will result in a 0.05 - 8% chance of pregnancy.
using the pull out method, the chances are 40 - 45%.

so you are at risk of pregnancy, albeit a slightly lower one than if you had had been ejaculated inside of. also the time of cycle this happened in would affect your chances. (if you did this around ovulation, did you?) you are only going to know for sure when you get your period and take a pregnancy test!