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Hi...I'm currently using Minerva(Oral Contraceptive) and had intercourse 2 nights ago with the use of a condom. The condom broke and now I'm paranoid of falling pregnant. Is there any possibility of this happening??? I never miss taking my tablets and the intercourse only continued for a couple of seconds after realising it was broken. What are the chances I might be pregnant?


Idon't think the speed at which you top makes a difference.

1. how long have u been on the pill (consistent hormonal days?) at least 7? (actually if ur first starting, ithink the full 28 dyas is recommeneded before unprotected sex.
2. u used a condom(goodcall)
3. the pill prevents pregnancy by: stop ovulation, impair fimbrae, creat hostile uterine environment, and thicken cervical mucus. these are some pretty good lines of defence.

extra worreid? morning after pill.. should u be pregnant, taking it will cause no harm to fetus. planned parented hoood is where u can get it. *most effective within 72 hours).