I have a regular 28 days cycle and my last period was from the 26 October-30 October and then I finished my pill on the 30th so me and my fiance could try for another baby. We have been having sex everyday since then unprotected even frying my most fertile and ovulation days and on the 9th of november I had spotting which lasted till the 11th of November. 12Th, 13th and 14th I had Veena experiencing mild abdominal cramps, lower back pain, gas, dizziness, bloated, stomach tightening and fatigue and I am still dizzy, really tired and get my stomach tightening up. Was also getting some very mild cramps today and when I went to the toilet I noticed some light brown discharge that isn't enough to go on a pad and hardly any comes out when I wipe. My period is due tomorrow and I can't wait till then to see if I'll get it or not. So could someone please let me know if this sounds like I am pregnant cause I really think I am. I'm too scared to do a test in case it comes up negative. Someone please help me!