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If you and your partner have just decided it is time to start trying to get pregnant, you are no doubt hoping for a positive pregnancy test right away!

If you and your partner have just decided it is time to start trying to get pregnant, you are no doubt hoping for a positive pregnancy test right away! We are told that most women take around six months to conceive. What are the best ways to speed that up, and to conceive a baby as quickly as possible?

You have the best chance of getting pregnant right before and during your ovulation, but the key to having sex around your ovulation is of course knowing when the Big O has arrived. There are quite a number of ways to know when you are ovulating, but the easiest way must be using an ovulation predictor.

Online ovulation predictors are helpful in that they allow you to find out the approximate time of your ovulation. While these tools don t give you a complete insight into your cycle and your most fertile days, ovulation predictors do point you in the right direction. They work by calculating the most likely date of your ovulation based on information you enter. If you know when your last period started, and how long your cycle normally lasts, you are good to go! If you know the length of your luteal phase, ovulation predictors will do an even better job at accurately predicting your most fertile days.

Charting to conceive, using Basal Body Temperature, is a more complete way to gather information about your cycle, but also more labor intensive. Using this method, you will need to take your temperature every day at the same time, and conclude whether you are ovulation from subtle changes in your body temperature. This can be done either offline (with pen and paper!) or with online fertility charting websites. While many people use this method with a lot of success both to get pregnant and to avoid conceiving, charting to conceive with BBT is not for everyone.

One other way to know when you are ovulating is to buy ovulation tests. These are just like home pregnancy tests, in that you pee on a stick, and the test tells you whether or not you are currently producing the hormones that point to ovulation. Using ovulation tests in combination with online ovulation predictors is, in my opinion, nearly as complete as charting to conceive. Together, these tools can help you conceive a baby as soon as possible. Knowing when you are fertile, and having intercourse on the right days, is not all that is needed to get pregnant.

I advise everyone hoping for a baby to take a serious and critical look at their diet, and to start eating healthier if they need to. Cutting out alcohol and cigarettes is very important, and now is the time to start using a complete prenatal vitamin, as well as folic acid tablets (or to make sure you get enough folate from food). Nutrition has a huge impact on fertility, and eating well will not only increase your chances of conceiving sooner, it will also be of great benefit to your growing fetus when you do get pregnant.

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