I have been on and off Zolft for the past 10 years. So much has been going on in my life my physican perscribed 50mg zoloft daily. In the beginning it was great...it gave me balance, and I didnt stress about the small things! Generally I do not like taking any forms of daily meds, so since I began to feel ok after a few years I choose to take a pill every other day, then a half of pill and then stopped!!!! OMG, I didnt realize the side affects, and how it would alter who I am...a happy, pleasant, kind, funny, strong, energetic and smart 46 tr old woman! I became argumentive, held grudges and took the simple stuff personal! the main element is I became mean, I would act on things then think about it later and wonder if I did the right thing! I felt like a horrible person, so I ended up back on Zoloft (I called my HAppy pill), 100mg and I still feel like Im not my self! Actually, when I logged on my pc, I went to google and typed in "I feel like Im loosing my mind": This forum was one of the selections, I clicked, read the so many Zoloft, sterline side effect, withdraw stories I can relate to and wanted to shared hoping for some sight of being myself again~