hi my son is just 20 weeks old , he has severe diarrhea since birth and was hospitalized due to severe dehydration when he was 3 weeks old and is there ever since. Every test has been done on our son and they have come up with a clinical diagnosis of GGM which is glucose galactose malabsorption which basically means he cannot absorp sugar only fructose. My beautiful son is different as he cannot absorp this sugar either only about 2% this is not enough for his growth as an infant as he needs at least 6%. Our team of docs at the hospital have decided on total parental nutrition through a broviac line in a main vein to give him his glucose as once sugar goes near his gut he has very explosive diarrhea. I cant understand how after all of this and no sugar orally can he still have diarrhea. All other tests are clear ,ultra sounds, cf, cancers. He is 9lbs 6 oz for 20 weeks but he acts like he should for his age , very alert and far more advanced than my other 3 boys were at that age!! Any one any ideas before i have no hair left!!!!! thanks