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Hello, my 20 month old son has a light rash (more to the touch than sight) all over his abdomen, back and arms. He had it a few months ago but it recently came back. Now in the past few days he has been sleeping ALOT, 13-14 hours at night with a 4-5 hour nap. I thought it might be a growth spurt, but last night he got a fever (102) along with diarrhea and has had that for the last 24 hours. He has also lost his appetite, except for fluids. Does this sound like the common flu, or should I be more concerned? I also want to mention that our dogs just had a bought of roundworm, could he be infected? Thank you!


Since your child is only 20 months old it would be wise to consult with pediatrician as soon as possible. The symptoms you are mentioning, diarrhea and rash are common for infants when they are suffering from some mild type of infections or flu but it is best to be sure and to know what is really going on.


My sister’s children were sick all the time when they were young but now they have built up stronger immunity so don’t look at this like on something bad.


It has been a while since you have post this so by now you have probably resolved your problem. Can you share with us what was the cause of the symptoms your baby has experienced?