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Sorry if the question is too personal.

I have been having some concerns about a yeast infection, I have been having many of the symptoms but never thought much about them because most are things that have been happening for years. Everyday things that can be caused by anything. But I started to notice that every few months my vagina will start to itch, it doesn't happen often and its only for a minute. But I started to suspect a yeast infection.

I heard that many women get them and they are common. Many people were saying that its "nothing but a little yeast infection" and I can get cream over the counter and be fine, but others were saying that its very dangerous and you can get very very ill from it.

The only really concerning symptom I've had is the occasional itchiness. No white or cottage cheese texture discharge or strange odors. My real concern is that I have it and it's been going on for months unnoticed but I feel perfectly fine.

So I just wondered, for anyone who has had one, was it nothing serious and easily treated? Or very serious and difficult to cure?

Thank You





Im 19 and I have experienced a yeast infection and went to the pharmacist and bought package called Monistat. Its a 3 step, one shot type of thing. The next day it was better but still had to use the cream for 3 days to make sure.
But I kept experiencing this itching feeling every so often and I read up on it. It could be that its the type of underwear your wearing and the material of under wear. So because I kept getting the itching on and off and it got worse, to like seeing the cottage cheese. Threw away my underwear's and bought new ones. And that night treated myself.

My aunt said that "PLAIN ORGANIC YOGURT" works too
Same with the Monistat have to do it before you go to bed, because then everything just comes down.
1. get the yogurt
2. put a lining on you underwear
2. get a spoon full
3. insert it in your vagina
4. next night shower, and you shouldn't feel so itchy.

If you didn't treat the itching yet with the cream to see if it goes away permanently. Try the Monistat. Because if your getting the itchy sensation on and off it can get worse,be bad for you. If you get yeast infections on the regular, you need to see your OB/ GYN.