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So I'm worried/ freaking out that I might have a yeast infection,  but then again I feel like I dont. I'm not experiencing any itching, burning, and irritation but have this really white discharge that will get on my panties . ((Not sure if that's good or bad)) But, the oder have no smell. However,  I do at times get this clear stringy discharge like cottage cheese.  Just wanted to know what I shall do.


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Hi Kelly, you don't always have to have all the symptoms to have a yeast infection but the discharge you describe doesn't sound like it either, not sure how old your are or if you realise that during your monthly cycle your get different kinds of discharge what it sounds like your having the discharge for a yeast infection is normally white and clumpy like cottage cheese or wet clumpy toilet paper. If you Google discharge through my monthly cycle it should tell you what they are :-)