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This is terribly embarrassing.
I'm sexually active, but it's not an STD.
I'm 16, so I haven't really paid any attention to my vaginal discharge (not often, but now). I woke up this morning feeling a little wet, and when I checked I noticed that the discharge has some white spottiness to it.
I know yeast infections come along with no odour, with itching and irritation, and cottage cheese-like discharge, but mine kind of smells like plain yogurt- the homemade kind, which is kind of odd. Not unpleasant, but a little unsettling, just because I hadn't really noticed it before (maybe it's normal?). I don't really have any itching, but I do feel a bit unpleasant down there now. I think that's kind of because I'm freaking out a little bit...
As far as the cottage cheese-like discharge goes, I don't really understand the level of clumpiness this would encapsulate. It's a bit lumpy, but it's very spread out. It looked white on my fingers, but I wiped it onto a napkin and it was a little discoloured, which confuses me. I don't think it's BV, because it's not grayish, and I definitely do not smell like fish (thankfully).
Going to the doctor and talking to my mom about it are not options, please don't suggest that I do. I understand that it would be the smart thing to do and that it's important that I discuss everything blah blah blah. These suggestions are just not on the table- sorry.

To be a bit more succinct about it, my symptoms thus far:
-Odour (like yogurt)
-No horrid sensations down there (no itch)
-whitish-pale yellowish discharge
-spread out, pretty lumpy as of now

Also, in case it is indeed a yeast infection, I freaked out a little more earlier, and tried that home remedy where you put yogurt on a tampon and *ahem*. I felt very uncomfortable and I took it out soon after :?
...and before someone asks- it was plain, unflavoured, unsweetened, home-made yogurt.

I know this is a really long post, and I'm sorry, but I'm worried. Bear with me, please >.<
If anyone could try and help me determine whether or not it's actually a yeast infection, I'd be pretty relieved (well, not really, but, you know, help is nice). If it is, I'll think of a reason to go out so I can buy some Monistat (anyone have any past experiences or tips?).
Thank you in advance >.<


Well, I eventually did tell my mom about it.
I got a Miconazole 3 day treatment thing, which I'm done with.
However, today I checked, and I'm really scared now. There was a bit of orange, possibly bloody discharge on my pantyliner, and I'm nowhere close to having my period. The orange tint might just be because of lingering infection...maybe? I don't know. I'm freaking out again. Could someone give a hint as to what sort of infection this might be? Bacterial?