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I have no idea how but somehow when i was asleep i torn the inner layer of my foreskin (not the frenulum) and now theres a reddish flap
sort of sticking out in the inner layer. Theres no pain but it is quite tender, I'm quite worried. Is there anything I need to do or will the flap heal or re-attach. Please helppppp!




I'm not clear on what it is you are describing. You're clear that it is not the frenulum, but I don't know what an inner layer is.

Is it possible that this is just the inflamed head of the penis or the glans? I doubt it, as you don't describe any swelling or the head at all.

I think the best thing is for you to be examined by a doctor or medical person. This sounds like something that must be seen to be understood... especially by those of us who do not have a foreskin. :-)

Good luck. Let us know what they tell you it is, OK? In the meantime, I'd try applying some antibiotic ointment or perhaps first aid cream to the affected area, but be sure to clean under the foreskin and don't allow any bacteria to become trapped or fester under the foreskin, of course. Good luck.


Thanks for replying, its really hard to explain. By inner layer i mean the inside of the foreskin (when you retract it) on the left. it just sticks out like if you could get a cut and then you can see the cut heal it self but the excess skin is still attached. I don't feel any pain although it is quite tender and the skin thats hanging off is reddish. Rang the emergency doctor and he said that that it should heal itself and the excess skin will go after a month or to :-( .

if you have any ideas it would be great. I think i must have had an erection or something when i was asleep and must have cut my self some how? I have no idea.



Most men will have errections in their sleep without knowing it. This is not uncommon.

As for how you might have "cut it" during your sleep... try inspecting your underwear or sleepware. Specifically, look for a straight pin that may have been left in the lining or seems of the hem. It's a long shot, but look to see if there's a tag with a sharp edge anywhere that might have been near too.

Perhaps some other guys will have some suggestion, but I'm fresh out.

Good luck.


Hi Kevin:

You are blessed with an erogenous, highly-innervated foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision. Do not be worried. You are normal for your age.

The foreskin is a double layer as you know.

I am suspecting that you have some lingering fusion between your inner foreskin and the glans penis that separated during the night.

Baby boys are born with the inner layer of the foreskin fused with the surface of the underlying glans penis. This is natural, normal, and protects against infection. Over some years, the fusion spontaneously disintegrates and releases the inner foreskin. This usually happens prior to puberty, but not always.

It is not uncommon in adolescence to have the inner layer of the foreskin still fused to the glans penis. It is not a serious problem.

Apparently, your foreskin has not yet released, although it probably is about ready to release due to your age. You can try peeling the foreskin away from the glans penis to see if you can break the remaining fusion. Do it carefully and little by little. It may take you several tries to get it all.

When you tear the foreskin away, the head will be red in color, where the separation occurred, for a while. Put some Vaseline under your foreskin to prevent it from re-adhering to the head.

You may also try "ballooning" your foreskin by pinching the tip shut when you pee and causing the foreskin to fill with pee. That will lift the foreskin away from the head and tear loose the fusion.

If you can’t get it to separate by pulling on it, a urologist can help you. It is called “lysing”. Don’t let anyone sell you a circumcision. It is not necessary and extremely harmful.