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im 15 years old guy.. and i had few questions about my penis
and i started worrying about it .. please help
okay first of all.. when no erect i can retract my foreskin fully very easily.. but when its erect, i could but it wont fully retract..
i mean the farthest i could retract is right on the rim of my glance...
please help me...
and i was wondering .. if my foreskin is attached to the head cause when i retract it theres a tissue (like your bottom of your tongue) attached on the bottom of my penis... i started thinking that might be whats stopping me from fully retracting..
and is my size normal for my age? when erect 5.5 long 1.4 thick (inches)
and last of all theres fat around where my penis starts so it shortens my penis length.. how do you get rid of the fat?


When baby boys are born the inner layer of the foreskin is fused with the glans underneath. The fusion normally breaks down and releases the foreskin from the glans. Usually, but not always, this happens before puberty.

It sounds as though you still have some fusion at the back of the glans at the rim of the glans, which is called the corona (meaning crown). Try pulling on your foreskin to see if you can break the fusion. If you can't break the fusion you may need assistance from a urologist.

The tissue at the bottom of the penis is called the frenulum. If you have a short frenulum (called "frenulum breve") that can prevent your foreskin from retracting all of the way.