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I am 17 and I have just begun to be sexually active. Last month I had an abnormally long period with heavy bleeding that was horrible and I waited so long for it to be over. I am guessing it finally stopped around January 11th or 13. On January 15 my boyfriend and I experimented with anal sex. I bent over my bed facing away and with my vagina snug to the bed and he put it in but not all the way. We were just getting a feel for it. We didn't use any protection and he did not cum, or get even close. We only did it for a few minutes. And we tried again but he still didn't finish, and if anything happened there may have been a little precum. But my vagina was right on the bed and I'm pretty sure nothing touched there. Lately my boobs have been sore and I have had a little blood lately for the past couple days. Could it be my period getting ready to start? January 15 to today will have been 20 days. Since my period was over in January before my boyfriend came over could this be the next cycle? I am so scared and confused!! I am not showing any other early symptoms of pregnancy. Please someone, give me advice!!


My girlfriend had irregular periods in high school. What helped her was birth control pills. She described the same symptoms to me: Long, painful periods, sometimes one right after another and tenderness in her breasts.

So solve two problems at the same time.

Talk to a doctor about getting on the pill to help with your heavy cycles, and have the peace of mind of knowing that if your boyfriends condom breaks you are still protected.

I'm pretty sure that the anal sex didn't have anything to do with your heavy and long period.