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Before you comment, please don't lecture me. I understand that I made a huge mistake, and I know that I'm young. 

Me and my boyfriend had anal sex late in August. It was my first time ever having sex. I didn't know that he came inside of me until I stood up and walked, it felt wet/slimy. This is embarrassing, but I didn't clean up after because I didn't know at the time that It's possible for sperm to leak into the vagina. A few days after we had anal sex, I got my period. I usually get it at the very end of the month and it drags into the beginning of the next month. I haven't had it since. I don't want to tell my parents, but I know that I'll have to. I don't know What to do. We have one pregnancy test, but It's my mom's. If It's missing she will know I took it. My period is about a week late. What are the chances that I'm pregnant? What should I do?


Hi Guest,

Was your period normal?  If you say "yes" then it is unlikely you are pregnant.

Did you have sex less than a week before you expected your period?  If so, it is again unlikely you'd get pregnant - the timing is poor and you'd be near your lowest fertility.

Did you notice any spotting, very light bleeding, a week or so before you expected your period?  If you say "NO" it is unlikely you are pregnant.

You CAN just be late.  Stress can make you late as can illness.

Can you get your own home test?  Planned Parenthood and other organizations can help.  Be sure to use your first morning urine, your wake up pee, for the best results.

Hope it helps.