Okay, so I feel a little lame for asking questions here, but I guess I just need some reassurance. So be prepared to have a little TMI in this question!! I haven't had sex in like 2 years D: well my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time on Nov. 6 and we had protection on, but he stupidly took off the condom without me even realizing it, but he did pull out.... A week later during my fertile days we had PROTECTED (I made sure of that D:<) sex again a day before my ovulation. Which was on Nov. 14. well that same day, I had very light pinkish spotting, but only when I wiped. Then on the day of my ovulation I had it some more but then the next day it was kinda brownish and it only happened when I wiped! So, I started looking up online, and read that it could be implantation bleeding, but then I read it occurs 6-12 after you ovulate, so it couldn't be that. Also, I read that it was probably just ovulation spotting. Well I have been stressing the heck out about being pregnant. Like, you have no idea. I was suppose to get my period on Nov. 28th and nothing. :( now, I'm extra worried. On Saturday-Monday I was getting cramps and normal period symptoms. So I just figured it was that. But now, I'm two days late D: I have not been spotting nor had any other symptoms. Oh! I did have this whitish discharge during my cramping days, but I always get that before my period. I keep leaving valuable information out!! I am getting light cramps but nothing else, no sore boobies, no headaches nothing!! As I've told you, I have been under all this stress because of all this going on.. I'm 19 years old and in College, and I just can't throw all this away just like that! I was just wondering if anybody else out there has gone through any of this.. Could it be my hormones going crazy over me stressing me out? I would also like to add, that I cannot be on birth control, because I have this medical condition called NF1. and pretty much it deals with my nerves and if I get on BC it can mess it up and what not. But yeah, hopefully you guys some advise. I'm taking a HPT on Sunday if I still haven't gotten anything :(