I have endometriosis, I recently had an operation to remove some of it. Me and my husband had sex two days before I decided to get the mirena coil removed. I had it remove on the day I was supposed to be ovulating. We had sex on the day it was removed and almost every day since as well. I bled heavily for about 3 days after it was removed and then stopped and then on day 6 and 7 started spotting... (Could that have been implantation bleeding?) The morning after the coil was removed / first time of unprotected sex / day after ovulation, I woke up feeling extremely sick and dizzy, every day since then I have been feeling really sick and dizzy and just not feeling quite right! I know in doctors terms its impossible to have symptoms this early. We are trying for a baby so also understand this may all be in my head, but because I had some light spotting on day 6 and 7 I'm starting to think maybe it's not in my head? What are people's thoughts?- could I be pregnant?