Ok, so I'm a little worried about ovulation bleeding. Starting at the beginning, my period started on the 26th with light pink mixed with CM. Next day, the 27th, full blown AF started and lasted for about 4 days after that. So, AF lasted for 6 days. After that, I still had some light brown spotting all the way until the 5th. That day(the 5th), I felt a sharp, but dull pain on my left side by my hip. I Googled it, and said it was ovulation. The 6th, I had kind of pulsating pains on the left side, still somewhat dull, but obviously there. So, I had sex that night. Next day, the 7th, the pains on the left had subsided & were now felt on both sides, under my navel. Had sex that night, as well. On the 8th, I began lightly spotting. It was light pink, but by the evening it was mixed with brown. Had sex that day, as well, in the afternoon. That night the spotting got worse, with bits of red mixed with the brown. I took a bath & checked my cervix, and it was high, soft & had some brown discharge. Since then, I've had regular spotting, and it has been red & brown, but not at all heavy. Like, it's only there when I wipe. I used a tampon, and it came out dark brown. No red at all. I slept for about 7 hours & when I woke up today I'm still wiping and having red spotting on the tissue, but nothing in my underwear. So, I'm only seeing it when I use the bathroom. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on? I know for sure I ovulated recently. I read somewhere that the earliest day I could've ovulated was the 6th & I had sex that day. Everything I've Googled has said it's implantation bleeding and I know for a fact it's too early for that. I'm 2 weeks away from getting another period, so IB is out. It has to be ovulation spotting, right? I read trauma to the cervix would cause bleeding, and the brown could be from ovulation. The sex I had the other night was a tiny bit rough, not gonna lie. So maybe it's a mix of OS & cervix trauma? If so, how long would that last? I'm really nervous, my husband & I have been TTC since September with no luck. My periods have admittedly been irregular because I'm coming off Depo, my last shot was January of 2016. It's been a year, so my periods should be back to normal. Generally, AF has been a 28 day cycle. It can't be too early for IB, though, right? I'm just assuming at this point that it's OS & cervix trauma. What do you all think? Any opinions would be appreciated.