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Hi my DH and i are on cycle 3 of TTC. I have been having 35 day cycles since coming off the pill nov 06. Last month i had lots of wetness (sorry TMI :$ ) then in the next day or so (which was cycle day 17) i got 4 days of really light only when i wiped :$ dark spotting then nothing till i got my period on time. This month same thing i got lots of wetness then 2 days later(cycle day 17 again) i started spotting lightly it was dark brown with a little bit of dark red this happend for 3 days and there was nothing by the end of the 3rd day. The next morning i woke up with a medium amount of watery dark brown red blood the next day it was the same light flow dark with a little bit of bright red but was completely gone by the end of the day nothing that night but the next morning after my first morning wee noticed a very small amount of light pink coloured discharge then nothing for the rest of the day until i noticed the pink discharge again for about 2hrs after excersising then nothing except getting a migrane that i still have today but i have no more spotting.... o.O

my question is if i ovulated during those first wetdays just before the spotting started could my 5 days of ov spotting (if thats what it was) be followed by an implant bleed? i'm on cycle day 23 so still have a while till AF or could that have just been the end of ov spotting? how long can ovulation spotting last??

sorry for the long post would love any help you could give me :-D


That sounds very much like how i am now. Did you ever find out what it was and did it sort itself out?