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she doesnt even bleed and not so tight as most virgins do.. do i have to believe on her? how will i know if she is really telling the truth??



Okay first up, if you are questioning what she has told you about her sexual past, then you shouldn't be having sex with her. Sex needs some level of trust, and if you're asking on a forum for our opinions (people who have never met your gf) as to if she is a liar then you are obviously not in a trusting relationship.

Secondly, why does it matter? If you love her if shes a virgin or not shouldn't be an issue.

Thirdly women can be a virgin and not bleed during their first time, the bleeding is only due to the hymen breaking - maybe you should do a little research before you have any more sex so you at least know what it is you are doing before you do it.

Fourthly, why are you comparing your girlfriend to "most virgins"?! Sounds like you've had more than one virgin, in which case you should definately know this all already.

PLEASE tell me that you are at least old enough and are having safe sex.