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Seeing how I am in the IR for a little while longer I have been spending a lot of my time doing strenght training and my physical therapy. I stretch everyday and I still am not very flexible. I have started to look into doing Pilates and I was curious who else out there is doing them and what do you think?


I think you would benefit from pilates or yoga. I saw a lot of beginning pilate exercise series at the video store. It seems pilates are aimed at shaping and toning. Is that what you want?

I just started Power Yoga for runners with Thom and Beryl Birch. Thom was an elite runner turned yoga instructor. Anyway, the program is specifically designed to "safely realign and biomechanically balance your budy, thus helping you to preent and recover from injury." It combines strengthening, stretches and twists, and a cool down. I like that it concentrates my mind and body not just on becoming flexible and strengtheing my muscels, but also is teaching me to breath differently. Because it's designed for runners, it targets the muscles we use and is a routine that can easily become part of one workout.

LOL! Did I sell yuo on it yet? I was able to follow the routine the first time through, but it wasn't easy...I mean it makes me focus. Good luck to you!