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Pregnancy back pain is extremely common, and something that can make your life miserable. These exercises show how you can combat it in the comfort of your own home.

Prenatal yoga offers some great benefits — it helps you to stay fit and flexible during pregnancy, and prepares you for that great marathon that we call labor and birth. There is another thing prenatal yoga can do, and that is to relieve various types of pregnancy-related aches and pains.

Back pain is a common problem among expectant mothers. It has many possible causes, the simplest of which is the weight gain associated with pregnancy, and the resulting changes in posture. Stress and hormones can also play a huge role in prenatal back pain. You may not be able to determine the exact reason why your back is hurting, but there are some steps that you can take to reduce your pain.

There is a good reason that prenatal yoga has such a wonderful reputation: it works. You can still benefit from prenatal yoga poses and exercises if you don't go to a prenatal yoga class. In this article, we'll share five videos SteadyHealth has made to help people just like you!

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The first exercise is a variety of the downward-facing dog pose, and while it is suitable for all three trimesters of pregnancy, it is especially likely to be helpful for women in their third and final trimester. This exercise is designed to strengthen your lower back and to realign your spine. It will also benefit your calves. Perform this exercise slowly, focusing on each movement as you make it. As always, pay careful attention to your body and stop if it hurts. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you like.

The next video is, strictly speaking, showing a pilates exercise. You'll need an exercise ball for this exercise, which aims to alleviate the lower-back pain that so many pregnant women struggle with. By doing this exercise, you will stretch your spine and release some of the pressure that will have been building up. You will be sitting on your knees and resting your arms on your exercise ball, which you will slowly push away from you, and then bring back.

At the culmination of the exercise, your back will be parallel with the floor. Pause to feel the stretch in your back — that's the good stuff you are looking for. At the end of a repetition, your back is going to be completely straight, and you'll be sitting up. Repeating this exercise at least ten times on most days will free you from a good portion of your lower back pain.

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