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Today I bought these MetaSlim diet pills. I just want to ask if anyone used them, and if so did they work? Did you lose pounds and how much and how fast. I’m going to try it and hopefully they work. Additionally I lift weights from time to time. My wight is 160, and I want to try to get down to at least 60. I’d like to hear your comments about MetaSlim product, a priori did it work for you at all?!?

Thanks in advance!



I’ve searched a bit about MetaSlim, but here on steadyhealth I couldn’t find any similar posts. It doesn't seem as if anyone has used them. I've been using Zantrex for about a month. I must say I was disappointed about this in first weeks, but in lately I've lost almost 15 lbs.

But regarding MetaSlim, I haven’t heard nothing about it, sorry :-(!


I already tried Zantrax and it doesn’t show any results. Now I will just use MetaSlim and see if they work. Btw. great 15 lbs is great, congratulation!!!

If someone else tried MetaSlim, please post your replays!!!



i used it. i found it to work but you still have to try to eat right and exercise.


Cool! Angel_eyes can you share more info about Meta Slim? Please tell us more about your success with MetaSlim ... I'm just curious about it ...




I have used metaslim, and was very very impressed with it. I combined it with a healthy diet, and lost about 30 pounds in just under 2 months. I have just started using it again, and have lost 4 pounds this week. I also find that it does help to significantly reduce my carb cravings, as well as helping me feel fuller on much less food. Hope this helps.


I use MetaSlim as well and have lost about 10lbs so far.


I want to start trying metaslim for 3 weeks since I'm 126 pounds I want to be 115 pounds. so I was wondering once u stop using it would you gain the pounds back ( if u exercise regularly). in other words is it addictive?
I really appreciate your reply because Im really confused.


Of course you would gain it back if you didn’t pay attention to what you ate! It is like that with any diet, healthy or unhealthy! I mean, there are ingredients that make you lose your appetite but once you stop using them your body will go back to the old pattern or whatever pattern you chose after stopping metaslim.

However, if you continue to exercise, cut down on sugar, introduce smaller but frequent meals, avoid eating after 8pm, I am sure you will be able to maintain it. However, if we were able to hold by these simple rules, we wouldn’t need any diets, would we?


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Hey there,

Here are some facts about MetaSlim!

MetaSlim is Canadian product! The manufacturer is the company WN Pharmaceuticals LTD located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Generally, it should be available in pharmacies in USA too. It's supposed to be taken before eating sugary food.

MetaSlim has been made in different forms:

It's present as:
Green Tea Extract 200 mg -
According to manufacturer:

Helps with thermogenesis and fat metabolism without increasing heart rate. With green tea, dieters get the weight loss without the jitters and side effects. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. It also helps prevent liver failure.

Green tea is well-known weight loss supplement and many companies in weight loss industry use it!

METASlim - Carb Neutralizer & Fat Blocker -
According to manufacturer:

All-natural nutritional product designed to do exactly what its name implies—neutralize starch and block fat. It includes Phase 2™, the first nutritional ingredient that has been clinically proven to neutralize starch.

METASlim - Fat Binding Fibre [NeOpuntia] -
According to manufacturer:

NeOpuntia® is fat binding dietary fibres. These unique fibres work by attracting and absorbing the fat from the food we eat and allow them to pass through the digestive system. The result is a reduction in the amount of fat that the body could absorb.

METASlim - Phaseolamin 500mg -
According to manufacturer:

The first natural substance clinically proven to neutralize the conversion of starch into sugar, preventing production of new fat. The undigested starch leaves the body in the stool, because it cannot be absorbed. Studies indicate that it reduces absorption by up to 85%

    Phaseolamin, also known as "Phase 2", is an inhibitor of alpha-amylase. Originally isolated from white kidney beans, the protein is now commercially produced and sold as a diet aid. It works by inhibiting the action of starch degradation enzyme alpha-amylase, so that less sugar is absorbed in the digestive tract.

    Kidney beans, Phaseolus vulgaris (also called kintoki beans) contain an inhibitor of alpha-amylase, which has been named phaseolamin. Alpha-amylase is an enzyme that helps the breakdown of starches.

    Phaseolamin may reduce the rate or thoroughness of starches such as potatoes, pasta, bread, etc. from being broken down in the digestive tract into sugars. Whether supplements of phaseolamin produce weight loss in humans is not clear at this time.

    There’s only one known medical study on how Phaseolamin affects human body, mainly digestive system. After some test made on volunteers, M.D. Ray Sahelian published following:


    We conclude that more than 95% inhibition of amylase reduces dietary starch digestion within the small intestine and uptake of dietary starch from the small intestine, markedly decreases postprandial release of insulin and gastric inhibitory polypeptide, and may alter postprandial upper gastrointestinal motor function.

    Long term side effects from Phaseolamin are still unknown!

METASlim - Weight Reduction Formula -
According to manufacturer:

Formulated to increase thermogenesis (ie: stimulate the body to burn fat). This product works by inducing fat oxidation which is usually based on physical activity. It uses synephrine instead of ephedrine to stimulate fat burning with fewer side effects.

METASlim Kit (METASlim & METASlim Carb Neutralizer) -
According to manufacturer:

The Ultimate in Weight Loss Kits! The first product contains herbal extracts that enhance thermogensis – the rate at which you burn fat and calories. The second reduces calorie absorption from fat and carbs. The main ingredient, Phase2™ has been clinically proven to neutralize starch

If you would like to order it, try to contact them directly! Here is their web site:

Here's more info about MetaSlim according to manufacturer:

How does MetaSlim Carb Neutralizer work and when should I take it?

Metaslim Ultimate Weight Loss Kit and other Metaslim products are to be used in conjunction with a health eating plan and regular exercise. A healthy diet is based on the inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, lean protein, and low fat dairy product. Sugar and salt, added to many prepared and packaged foods should be avoided. A reduction of daily calories by reducing portion size, eliminating high calorie, nutrient poor foods contribute to a healthy diet and weight control.

MetaSlim Carb Neutralizer and Fat Blocker

How does it work?

During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates found in starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta, into sugar. Your body breaks down starchy foods with the help of an enzyme called alpha amylase that is produced in the pancreas.

These sugar calories are either burned off, through exercise, or stored in fat cells for future use. Unfortunately, inactivity means that these stored fat cells accumulate. The result over time is weight gain.

Phase 2™/Phaseolamin, is a natural nutritional ingredient extracted from white kidney beans, “neutralize” the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat. Essentially, this allows the starch to pass through the system undigested.

When Should I take it?

The most optimum time to take Metaslim-Carb Neutralizer and Fat Blocker is just before a starch-rich meal along with water. We recommend at least 30 minutes prior to your first meal therefore ensuring that the enzyme inhibitor has had time to work.

If taken during or just after a starch-rich meal, Metaslim-Carb Neutralizer and Fat Blocker could still provide some of its starch “neutralizing” benefits.

How much time does one pill last?

One Capsule is effective to block the starch calories that are present at any one
meal or snack.

Are there any Side Effects, Interactions or Precautions I should be aware about before taking MetaSlim Carb Neutralizer and Fat Blocker?

No adverse side effects have been reported.

Metaslim-Carb Neutralizer and Fat Blocker should not be used by those with ileal perfusion as indigested starch may cause nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

This product is designed to promote fat utilization for energy by reducing available dietary carbohydrate. Some users may experience a short time of fatigue while the body is required to increase the enzymes that expedite fat fueling.


Phaseolamin 2250 and Gymnema sylvestre are able to potentate oral hypoglycemic medications and/ or insulin and could cause hypoglycemia when the dosages of such medications and or insulin are not appropriately reduced to avoid over treatment.


Type 2 diabetics using hypoglycemic medications and/or insulin may be at risk of hypoglycemia if they do not plan on medication or insulin dosage adjustments. Patients taking insulin should discuss this product with their physician before using it.

Cassia nomame blocks fat absorption and this feature may impact on coagulation management with anticoagulation medications. Since omega-6 oils normally facilitate coagulation, and a reduction in the absorption of the customary daily amount of omega-6 oil may be realized, the potential to upset the balance of medication managed coagulation may be possible.

Those using this product should not be encouraged to lower their dietary fat intake below 30 percent, as is often done when fat-weight loss is the goal.

Since this product is designed to block a meaningful measure of fat absorption, the concern is that too little of the essential fatty acids and the fat soluble vitamins will be absorbed.


This product should not be used during pregnancy since the normally very high gestational level of progesterone may be critically depressed due to reduced levels of cholesterol.

Hope this info will help you all!




iv been on it for 1 week, lost 5 pounds and am feeling great! I also eat well and do a circut workout for 30 min 5 days a week. i also do yoga and walk about 2 km every night. But i was also doing that stuff before i started the metaslim and all i was losing was inches. With the pills the inches and weight is comming off like a dream. I take 1 thermo pill in the morning before breakfast and the carb blockers 1 before lunch and the other before dinner. I also drink my 8 8oz glasses of water a day! I hope that this will help you!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL. REMEMBER...losing weight is a lifestyle change, not just taking some pill and hoping that it works. If u want this to work for you, you have to work for it. I hope everyone who reads this does amazing!



I used to use Metaslim alot and they really worked...

Rectently iv re-started taking them as i found some from a few months ago (still in date untill next year), and ive been taking them for three days, while eating healthily and doing Aerobics (roughly an hour - 2hours a day) and have already lost 5Lbs!!!!

But, Im nearly out of the VitAdvance MetaSliim and want to buy some more, but avon where i used to buy them dont sell them anymore! does anyone know where i can get them???

Please Help!!!!


What kind of diet did you follow and did you do any workouts?Thanks.If anyone got any good diet plans can you please let me know.


You realize that your reply button on this site actually reads "replay"... just thought you might like to know.

Today is my first day of using metaslim and I am having very intense stomach pain. I've heard some mention of this. Does it go away eventually? I took one of each kind of pill this morning right before breakfast.

Any response would be great, I don't want to have to discontinue use!


I've heard MetaSlim can have some very negative side-effects, any word on this? I've also heard it works very quickly and easily if you excercise and eat right, so I'm very conflicted. Anyone have any other opinions?