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Hello there,

Today, I have tried to find as much as I can about satietrol. But, I found something that is really interesting to me, and I must say scary. I know that you have told that there is no side – effects that this product can cause, but I found that this one is not safe and that is not on the market anymore. Is it true?

I was wondering, is satietrol safe for thyroid patients?

I really hope that this information is totally wrong.

Do you have any information about it?

Let me know, please.

Thank you so much! 


Hey there,

Yes, I have heard about these rumors a long time ago, but they are totally fake. Satietrol is not recalled or pulled from the market. The manufacturers say that this product is totally safe for everyone. So, I believe that is safe for thyroid patients as well. You don’t have to be scared if you want to use it or someone near you. Anyway, that news was actual 10 or 11 years ago. That is a long time, I don’t even know how did you found this article :)

Don’t worry, everything is fine and it is safe. Still, no side – effects.