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Hey there,

I am into these weight loss supplements, and I have started to use one, but I have heard about this satietrol as well. Anyone else heard about it? It is for appetite control, right?

Any information about it?

Does it work as they say? I have say - I am sorry if this subject already exist somewhere in here, I have not found it. But, I need to ask everything that I need to find out. So, what do you recommend for me? Should I stop using the other supplement to start use this Satietrol?

What do you think about it?




Everyone heard about Satietrol, I think. This might be number one weight loss supplement. It is perfect powder for all of us who just love to eat. I love to eat, and I struggle with weight almost my whole life. So, I am looking for some supplements, and everyone told me that I should try to use satietrol. I haven’t tried it, so maybe I am not a right person to answer on your questions. But, I can tell you what I have heard about it.

Reviews are great, recommendations are great as well.

Use it, eat healthy and exercise and you will see the results, trust me!



Hello there,

Thank you very much for all those reviews. Today, I was talking to my sister in law and she told me that she was using these pills as well, while she was a teenage girl. She was hit by puberty, and she got really fat. She was talking with mom about it, and her mother suggested her to try Satietrol. She did. And, she was super happy with it. She lost 28 kilograms in 5 months and she was so handsome at her prom night.  She was so gorgeous. So, I think that you can use it, no matter how old are you.

I must say that I am really happy to hear that.

I hope that this experience will help you as well.