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Hi there,

How much do you know about all of these meals supplement? What do you think about Satietrol? Anyone here tried Satietrol?

If you have tried it, could you tell me more about your experience? Of course, I have heard a lot and I have read a lot, but I would like to hear about some success or no success experience.

When do you use it, how do you use it?

Can you order it somewhere on the internet? Is it expensive, like some weight loss supplements or not?

Tell me as much as you know about it.

Have a nice day!


I was taking Satiertol for about a two weeks, no more :) I can’t remember the reason why did I stop taking Satietrol, but OK. I can tell you some things about it. I have lost 6 kilograms in these two weeks. I must say that this was my biggest success ever :)

You need to take it before every meal and that is all philosophy.

And, the most important thing, there are no side – effects. I had a lot of energy and I felt great. To be honest, I forget about this one :)

Thank you for remind me about it.  



You can actually find a lot about Satietrol on the internet. This product will help you eat less at meals, and to snack less. And the best result that you can get is to lose weight. That will happen, trust me.

I did not tried this supplement, but my sister has, and it was great for her. She was using it about one year and I can’t remember how pounds she has lost, but she is so slim now.

Satietrol is giving you a sense of fullness.

You won’t make a mistake if you try this supplement, trust me.

Good luck!



Good afternoon,


This is a shake mix made from the ingredients in potatoes. So, this powder is totally safe. I lost a couple of pounds and Satietrol definitely killed my appetite. I tried the vanilla flavor, but I was looking for chocolate one as well. I haven’t found it :/ That one with vanilla is pretty delicious as well. It is very tasty way to lose pounds, if you ask me :)

Of course, I think that you need to exercise and eat healthy as well. Some salads after satietrol powder sounds really nice. I like it, I really do!

Good bless!