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Hey everyone.

I want to buy a cat. I was always a huge fan and lover of Bambino cats and I finally found one guy who is selling them. With papers :)

But before I decide to buy it I am trying to learn something about foods for cats, what is the best way to treat them and what to teach them.

I know that a lot of people are against human foods but I am not. Actually I believe that those foods are much healthier that foods from the market.

Can you share with me list of human foods that are safe for cats?

Thanks in advance.


Hello. I agree with you. Human foods are sometimes much better than those foods that you can buy on the market. But like with everything you need to be careful with human foods that you are giving to your cat. Here are the groceries that you can feed your cat with. There are plenty of foods. Baby food, meat such as chicken, boneless fish, liver, beef. You can try to feed your cat with green beans, cucumbers, carrots and zucchini. Cats also love to eat apples, baked potatoes and bananas. Small amounts of pasta and bread can’t harm your cat.




Hey there. I am glad because you are thinking like this :) It is rarely. For example, I got a cat and then I started to learn about him. That is the mistake. I now know a lot about cats :) And I love them.


List of food is pretty much large :)

I would add next foods – milk, grapes, onion, garlic, melons, ice cream, lettuce, and spinach, chocolate. Yes chocolate :) It can remove toxins from your cat’s body :)

Now, you don’t need to force this food every day.

Give it to your cat in the smaller amounts :)



Hey there. I don’t believe that human foods are good choice for your cat. I think that there is a reason why all those products are still available in the market. I have three cats and I am feeding them with wet food. I still believe that this is the better option than human foods. I think that certain groceries can make a huge problem with cat digestive system, they can upset their stomachs. Maybe those are the foods that are safe, but I think that every cat is a different. Personally my cats hate to eat human foods. So I don’t feed them with it.



I disagree with you Carla. There is nothing much healthier than feeding your cat with those human groceries that are not forbidden, especially if they are raw.

I don’t see why you would think that wet food is better.

That is your opinion and I disagree. Totally.


The list of human foods that you can give to your cat is long. I disagree about the chocolate and the ice cream, because I think that this is not OK.

But you can make some treats with chocolate and give them to your cat.

That is much better.

Meat and vegetables are something that my cat is eating almost every day.



Hello there.

I think that meat is crucial part in cat’s nutrition. Cats eat meat and that is totally normal. That is why you should feed your cat with meat even if that is human food :)

As you can see, there are so many human foods that cats can eat.

For example I love to mix chicken, baby spinach and carrots and feed my cat with this mixture.

She loves this and so far she didn’t show any signs that this is wrong way of feeding her.

But you need to be careful because there are some food that you are not allowed to feed your cat with.

So just follow this list and good luck!