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A recent biopsy revealed that my mother has a growth inside her stomach that is about the size of a golf ball. It was diagnosed as cancer a few days later and we are lining up appointments as fast as we can but precious days are passing by.

I've read that stomach cancer grows fast and is difficult to detect early. A biopsy six months prior showed nothing noticeable in that same area. We will find out next week, hopefully, if our appointments can be made.

In order to best prepare her - and all of us - I would like to get a sense of what "early" means in this case and if a tumor the size of a golf ball can give any indication of the severity of the situation. Thanks.


Hi there,

Stomach cancer is also called a gastric cancer and it is a malignant tumor that starts to grow in the lining of the stomach. Can you tell me more about your symptoms? I know that indigestion and stomach discomfort are often noticeable when you have stomach cancer. Do you have any heartburn and loss of appetite? The size of the cancer is very important because in most cases it tells the state in which is the cancer. If you discover the cancer early you have grater chances of the treatment and the recovery. In my opinion this is a big size for a cancer so you need to talk to your doctor.


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