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About 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with having excessive fatty tissue surrounding my tailbone. There is a circular area about 3 inches wide that is swollen and is quit visible. I have been doing exercises, including sit ups and it is really causing alot of pain. Now when I touch the swollen part of my tailbone, it hurts. Should I go to the doctor and have it re-evaluated in case something has progressed? Would you request an MRI to further evaluate the type of tissue or inflammation? I had a cousin die of osteosarcoma (sp?) which is a cancer/tumor in the lower back. I am sure it isn't anything that serious because I would have had other symptoms by now, but could a tumor or cancer have grown from the fatty tissue?


Hi there,

There is a chance that this has happens. However you will not know this until you do the biopsy of the fatty tissue. I am not sure if the MRI will tell you the adequate information about the tissue that is surrounding your tailbone. You have to see your doctor and see what is the best method to diagnose this. I am wondering why didn’t you had the surgery when you were diagnosed with this condition? I think that doctors usually suggest the surgery for removal of the fatty tissue. Do you have any pain in the back area? I hope that this helped you in any way.


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