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my sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year, and up until this point she was in and out mental facility because while she was out she simply couldn’t manage to take her medication properly (she was given Haldol 10mg), and since the whole family wants to help and help her organize her life at home, I’ve been researching a bit about possible alternative medications to Haldol that would help her manage her symptoms more effectively.

That’s how I came upon info about Seroquel, which is like I understood newer type antipsychotic medication, but I’m wondering if anyone could help me with comparing the differences between Haldol and Seroquel?



like you said, Seroquel is newer antipsychotic medication, and it's so called atypical antipsychotic, since it's also used in treatment of nonpsychotic disorders such as bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder. But what's more important than this is that Seroquel doesn't cause Parkinson's disease like side effects (muscle shaking, tremors, restless legs...) that Haldol does. It can cause other side effects, most common being dry mouth and weight gain.

However, there still is no definite proof which one is more effective and this is something your sister's psychiatric team has to work out with her, depending on her symptoms.