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Ok so in march I rubbed my boyfriends penis over his underwear. He did not *** and says that he never has any precum. About 30mins or an hour late I rubbed my clit forgetting to wash my hands. Since then I have had three regular periods. I am just very paranoid that there could be some sperm on my finger. I have taken two pregnancy test and both were negative. I have been very tired for the past few days this is the only symptom I've had. I feel like my stomach has gotten bigger but it might be in my head. 



No your not pregnant.   To become pregnant sperm needs to be inside your vagina.  You have had three periods, a period being confirmation that no pregnancy has taken place.  If you are this worried over a little foreplay you may want to hold off doing it again until either your a bit older or you have taken some time to find out exactly what can lead to getting pregnant.  You can get  a lot of information from the internet if you dont want to speak to your parents about it, try to use a reliable site to avoid all the myths.

I hope this helps<3