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In my case is kinda diff situation. I have 26 days cycle,regular and always on time,except this time. I supposed to have period yesteday,29th April and it didnt come even until now 30th. I've been having mild cramping on and off but no spotting or bleeding occured,but some not a lot yellow mucus, breast soreness on and off too. On the top of that I'am experiencing diarrhea. I hate to take HPT afraid that it will showe negative,thinking it was still early to detect it. Or afraid to get disappointment.

Additional Details:
Feb 10-March 8 From 1st day until next month period
March 8-April 3
April 3-April 29 supposed to have period

Any help I can get will be really appreciated!



The symptoms you are experiencing could be signs of both pregnancy and arriving period. Unfortunately, all three symptoms, the cramping, excessive mucus and breast tenderness could occur in both early pregnancy and PMS.
Many things can influence our menstrual cycle. Season change, climate change, minor colds and flues, stress, etc. Considering you never experienced delayed period, you could be pregnant but like you already know, there is no way to know for sure until you test it.
It’s been two-three days since your period was about to come and the pregnancy test will show the correct results if you used it by instructions. I hope everything goes well. Let me know how it went!