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I am 29 years old, had sexual intercourse on the 4th day of my menstrual cycle (being the first bleeding day the March 14 morning). I had sexual intercourse on March 17th, no ejaculation inside though. The period lasted around 7 days with light spotting. I thought I started ovulating from March 27 to April 11, since I had recurrent cervical mucus changes.
My usual cycles are 28 - 30 days from each other.
Today is the 39 so far my longest cycle.
I had a lot of stress the weeks I was supposed to be ovulating, and since my last period I lost around 5 pounds, because I got braces and my diet changed a lot.

Last week I started to have PMS-like symptoms, sharp pains on the side of my breast, small cramps and a bit of breast enlargement. The usual that I always have before any menstruation cycle.

I am usually regular at my cycles and I hardly believe that I could changed from regular to irregular less than a month.
What are my chances to have ovulated during my 4th day of menstruation, or my chances of pregnancy if there was no ejaculation?

I took 2 home pregnancy tests last Thursday and Friday, and the both came back negative.
What are my chances of a false negative?
If I take another HPT next week (6 weeks after my last period), if I were really pregnant, would it show already?



stress, weight loss, and change in diet are known to cause a women's period to become late. anytime a you have intercourse, there is a chance of pregnancy. the fact that there was no ejaculation inside of you, makes the chances of pregnancy decrease, and the fact that it was only day four of your cycle makes it decrease even more.
and to answer your question, most women would have a positive pregnancy test now, but not all women do. false negatives are more common than false positives, but for the most part home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. to be sure you can see your doctor, and have he or she do some tests.