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My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for atleast the last 6 months now. In Feb '07, i was suppose to get my period on the 9th (its like clockwork-28 day cycle) but got it exactly 1 week early on the 2nd. It was a surprise as i had no cramping (unsual for me) and was mostly discharge with traces of blood. I usually have a bit of flow right away but did not this time. I thought it may be implantation bleeding until the following day when my flow became a bit more normal. I still had absolutely no cramping, no tender breasts and no bloating (which are all common symptoms for me).

This month, (March '07) i waiting for my period on the 2nd -nothing. On the 9th, still nothing and now on the 23rd, i still have not gotten my period. I did a home preg test last thursday and to my disappointment, it was negative. I have no common symptoms of pregnancy except that i feel a little queasy every now and then.

Has anyone had a period like this? If so, can you share what the outcome was?



my gf is 18 and she is in pregnancy but i m not sure we are done sex without condom 2_3 times and her period is 4 days late is she pregnant or not if she is pregnant so which medicine is useful to avoid the pregnancy?m reply me plz