So my cycle is 28 days. I never missed a period and they are always on time I'm not on birth control. Me and my husband did it three times in my fertile week one day before I ovulated and the days before that. I started my period the August 18th it ended the 24th. Fertile days was August 29th to Sep 2 I ovulated the Sep 31st. My husband came in me all the times we had sex within that week. My nipples were sore I kept getting really bad cramps right after ovulation and had some CRAZY cravings and some Crazy mood swings lol which i never got with my first pregnancy I have a 2 year old so I kind of remember being pregnant lol anyways. I was supposed to get my period on sep 14th which I did but the thing was it was really really light. It only came out when I wipes my self. Also I didn't feel it coming either I noticed when I went to the bathroom. The whole day it was light very light. The next day it got heavy only when I would walk and I was walking pretty much all day. But only little bit would come out. And its strange cause I was hoping inwould be pregnant. Cause I had sex the right days. Which is weird. My feet get swollen easily the day I was spotting I had a terrible migraine and I kept feeling hungry and I had really bad cramps. My breast feel very heavy. And I've never felt so Tired my whole entire life. During my period they are Usually heavy even when I sit or sleep but when I'm sitting or sleeping nothing barley comes out and I never feel so tired either when im on my period. Should I see a doctor should I take a test? It seems weird to Me that I'm Not pregnant! I don't take birth control I'm not stressed. I'm drivin my self nuts lol