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Ok, a bit of background first:  I'm 28 years old and never been pregnant before (that I know of).  I just went off the birth control pill in June after being on it for about 9 years. 

June, July and August my periods were normal (exactly 28 days apart, lasted about 4 days).

In September, I was in a stressful (military) environment, and started my period 6 days early (10 Sep). I attributed it to being surrounded by other females in the barracks 24/7 and them all menstruating.  It was unique though, just because it was SOOOOOO heavy.  The heaviest period I've ever had. 

It lasted 4 days, then stopped.  However, it came AGAIN two days later, on the day I had originally expected it (16 Sep), this time light, and only lasted 2 days. 

I wasn't sure when I'd start my period this month since I started it twice last month, and didn't have a good date to base it off of.

In early October, I started getting really bad tender breasts--that's usually not an issue for me, even during PMS.  They were aching real bad all the time.  I figured I was just PMSing real bad.  I took 4 HPT's last week, with the last one being on Sunday, and all were negative.

I've had the feeling that I'm PMSing real bad (CRAMPS!!!) and my period is going to start any second now for two weeks now.  I've been wearing tampons to bed "just in case".

Two days ago, I started lactating.  My nipples had white/watery discharge, and still do.  And they hurt like CRAZY.

Yesterday, I was at least 2 days late and went to the hospital and got a blood test--it was negative.

I've never experienced anything like this before, and the doctor can't get me in for another 3 weeks. 


Any insight?



Did you ever find out whats wrong? I'm going thru the same except lactating.