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I am due to have my cycle today. There are no symptoms of the onset. About 5 days ago, I had two days of really light pink spotting. I thought my cycle was coming on early, so I wore a pad just in case. I never even got a spot on it. The spotting was only when I wiped. I have taken 3 of the cheap dollar tests and they are ALL negative. Am I pregnant? I don't know how soon to test. I did have a little light crampy feeling yesterday, but not the normal bloated period cramping.... Should I call the Dr?



Dear BBM

  1. Your cycle is from one period start to another (typically a 28-day cycle), so I assume you meant your are due to have your period start today.
  2. That being so,
    1. cheap HPTs are likely to show false-negatives before tomorrow, and possibly a few days after
    2. If you are pregnant, implantation might only have taken place 5 days ago
    3. A blood hCG test is only likely to show positive from 3 days ago.
    4. Your fertile days are likely to have been 20th - 25th Nov
  3. But you might have ovulated late.
  4. Why else do you think you might be pregnant?

Hope this helps as a start